"The implementation UPC places a burden on SMEs and independents that will exclude them from realistic protection of their innovations and will introduce unsustainable entry costs."

— Maurice Shakeshaft, CB Automation Ltd, Newark, UK

"Software patents have been a net drain on the economy and benefit a relatively small range of businesses. We should not rush into ratifying a treaty with such far-reaching implications and this should absolutely be debated by an informed parliament or we risk causing further damage to our economy. In whose interest is it to push this through?"

— Matthew Mower, Mower-Valdemarin, Maidenhead, UK

"Patent Trolls are a nasty threat to small companies that do original work."
— Laurie van Someren, Aleph1, Cambridge, UK

"Will the UK government keep the Uk free of software patents, otherwise the country will be impoverished by unnecessary litigation."

— Eion MacDonald, Lochgorm Ltd, Warrington, UK

"Software patents are an anti-competitive weapon used by large software companies to fight off the threat from innovative start-ups. We must absolutely resist them if we want a thriving UK software industry with freedom of choice for consumers."

— Michael Kay, Saxonica, Reading, UK

"Too many large companies patent obvious and/or well known algorithms and design features and then have more money to spend on lawyers to suppress competition."

— William Hall, Littlemore Scientific, Dorset, UK

"Ratification will be a step backwards for the creative industries that add so much value to UK GDP."

— Christopher King, Reading, Berkshire, UK